To give some break during exams, prefer online chat

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Your age would demand something while your attitude or life style would demand something else. For example, if you are from a family that has the nature of working hard, then you would have to be a studious student and hence moving around with girls is considered to be a sin and would also be perceived by the family in a different way. They would think that you are spoiling your life by involving in such unwanted relations. So, to make them happy and avoid unwanted tensions to them, you could shift your chatting activities to online. Yes, you could choose the  chat online so that you could enjoy chatting with as many girls as you want to.

Also, being a studious student, you do not want to get distracted during exams. However, if you have a girlfriend in the same college or school all that she would think is that you are ignoring her. This feeling would also create a sort of inferior feeling in her and there are chances that she would call more times than usual. This would be a disturbance for you which you may not want. So, to avoid all such disturbance all that you could do is to put your status as being away for a week in the online chat so that you are expected to be available for all of your online friends or dating partners.
Once you are done with exams, you could return back to your crazy activities of flirting girls with the cute and sweet words that are applicable only to women. By the time you get expertise in your academics you would also get expertise in doing chat with woman. Since, you are able to impress your opposite gender your confidence level would increase thus letting you work at a speed that is unusual.